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Rapeseed mustard are an important oilseed in Bangladesh. The yield performance and crop geometry of Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) newly released mustard variety is still under question in lately sowing potentiality after harvesting Aman rice. The first experiment was conducted with four varieties viz. Tori-7, BARI Sarisha-14, Binasarisha-7 and Binasarisha-9 for the sowing date on 13 December with split plot design. The next experiment conducted with six variety viz. Binasarisha-4, Binasarisha-8, Binasarisha-9, Binasarisha-10, BARI Sarisha-14 and BARI Sarisha-17 for two dates of sowing i.e. 30 November & 10 December with split plot design at the research field of BINA during Rabi season of 2019-20 and 2020-21 to observe their late sowing potentialities. In 13 December sowing, Binasarisha-9 produced the highest seed yield. In 2020-21, seed yield was highest on sowing dates 30 November where Binasharisha-9 performed the best both in seed yield and yield contributing characters which indicates that Binasarisha-9 has the late sowing potential among the six tested varieties.


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