• M.H. Rahman Soil Science Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, BAU Campus, Mymensingh-2202

    M.R. Khan Soil Science Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, BAU Campus, Mymensingh-2202

    M.M.A. Tarafder Soil Science Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, BAU Campus, Mymensingh-2202


Integrated use of fertilizers and manures can ensure higher crop yield maintaining soil productivity for sustainable production. An experiment was conducted at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) Sub-station Ishwardi, Pabna for consecutive two years (2013-2014 and 2014-2015) with integrated use of organic, inorganic fertilizers and mungbean residue in the Wheat-Mungbean-T.aman rice cropping pattern. The experiment comprised of seven treatments arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Collected soil samples (initial and after completion of two years cropping pattern) were analyzed in the laboratory for different parameters following standard methods. The highest grain yield of wheat was recorded in the treatment T2 (N120P30K45S20Zn4B2 kg ha-1) which was statistically identical with T7 (4.47 t ha-1), T6 (4.40 t ha-1) and T4 (4.43 t ha-1). The highest mungbean seed yield 1.45 tha-1 was recorded in the treatment T2 (N10P15K10S5 kg ha-1) along with residual effect of applied fertilizer during rabi season. It was noted that the treatment T2 (1.45 t ha-1) produced statistically identical yield with the treatment T4 (1.38 t ha-1), T5 (1.20 t ha-1) T6 (1.30 t ha-1) and T3 (1.17 t ha-1). The results indicated that grain and straw yields of T. Aman rice had positively influenced when inorganic fertilizers were applied along with incorporation of mungbean stovers before transplanting of T. Aman rice. The highest marginal rate of return (MRR) 634% in the treatment T5 followed by 568% and 410% in the treatments T6 and T4. Uptake of different nutrients of the cropping pattern follow the order: N>K>P>S. Incorporation of mungbean stover as brown manuring into the soil before transplanting of Aman rice had significantly increased the yield of rice which minimized 1/3 of recommended N fertilizer and improved soil fertility.


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