• M. I. Khalil Plant Pathology Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh 2200, Bangladesh

    S. N. Begum Plant Breeding Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh

    S. Khatun BINA Sub-station, Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh


Ten advanced Mungbean mutants were evaluated along with five varieties against yellow mosaic (MYM) and cercospora leaf spot (CLS) during Kharif-I season in 2014 and 2015 under field conditions at BINA sub-station, Ishurdi, Pabna. The mutant/varieties were categorized into resistant and susceptible depending upon severity of the diseases (0- scale). The induced mutants MBM-390-94-y, MBM-427-87-3, MBM-347-13 and MBM-07-y-1 were recorded as moderately resistant to yellow mosaic and the mutants MBM-390-94-y, MBM-656-52-2, MBM-427-87-3, MBM-347-13, MBM-07-y-1 and MBM-07-g-2 were found as moderately resistant to cercospora leaf spot. None of the mutants was found to be resistant to the diseases. Considering yield contributing characters, the mungbean mutants MBM-347-13 and MBM-07-y-1 were found superior than others and these were found to be moderately resistant to yellow mosaic ad CLS. Therefore, these two mutants could be used in breeding programme for the development of yellow mosaic and cercospora leaf spot resistant mungbean variety in Bangaldesh.


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