• M.T. Islam Crop Physiology Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, BAU Campus, Mymensingh-2202


Climate is changing and air temperature is rising due to increasing concentration of CO2 and other atmospheric greenhouse gases. The flowering stage of rice is important for high temperatures. An experiment was carried out at Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh, Bangladesh during December 2020 to May 2021 with three Boro rice varieties to find out proper soil moisture level at flowering stage to reduce high temperature effect. Binadhan-8, Binadhan-10 and Binadhan-14 were grown in pots each of 8 kg soil in ambient temperature. During flowering stage the plants were kept in plant growth chamber at 38 0C for 24 hrs under different soil moisture levels (standing water of 2 inches, 100% FC and 80% FC) in pot soil. Then all the plants were allowed to complete the maturity under sufficient soil moisture at ambient temperature. The experiment was conducted in RCBD with three replications. The results revealed that under high temperature photosynthesis, transpiration rate and yield significantly decreased but leaf temperature (oC) and water use efficiency increased at 80% FC. Transpiration maintained leaf temperature of 33.17-34.87°C during air temperature of 3°C. Binadhan-8 and Binadhan-10 maintained lower leaf temperature and Binadhan-14 had better water use efficiency at 80% FC. Higher yield was found in 100% FC and standing water of 2 inches compared to 80% FC. So, maintaining 100% FC or standing water of 2 inches at flowering stage of Boro rice varieties can reduce high temperature effect.


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