• N. Akhther Horticulture Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Myemnsingh

    M. R. Islam Horticulture Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Myemnsingh

    K. T. Akter Horticulture Division, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Myemnsingh

    M.K. Hassan Department of Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Myemnsingh


The research was carried out at the Postharvest Laboratory of Horticulture Division of Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) during the period from December 2021 to January 2022 to find out suitable vase solution(s) for longer vase life of gladiolus. The two-factor experiment comprised six vase solutions (tap water- control; distilled water; 4% sucrose solutions; 250 ppm citric acid; 3% sucrose + 150 ppm citric acid and 2% sucrose + 200 ppm citric acid) and four types of florets (pink, white, light pink and red), and was laid out in a completely randomized design with three replications. Gladiolus spikes were harvested at 1-2 floret color break stage. The harvested spikes having slanting cut at the base were individually kept in the prepared vase solutions as per experimental design. The vase solution comprising 3% sucrose and 150 ppm citric acid (CA) resulted in the maximum solution uptake (23.3%); longer duration for basal floret senescence (8 days) and maximum number of fully opened florets (95.1%) of the pink-coloured gladiolus at the 12th day after treatment. The same treatment also exerted the longest vase life (16.7 days) of the pink-coloured gladiolus. The shortest vase life of only 6.2 days was observed when the light pink gladiolus was held in tap water (control).


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